My Travel Plans For 2021

My travel plans for 2021 will be for a short break to Mexico and onward to Scotland. My immediate family and I are planning on spending my second honeymoon in Europe, after Bermuda. My travel plans for the next four years (in four segments) are for an eventual move to a sunny coast of the Caribbean. Mexico seems like an obvious place to start, but it is not easy getting a visa to live there and meet your extended family. The cons do outweigh the pros for me at this time.

A few months before my twenty-third birthday, which is just around the corner, I am going to Mexico to see my Auntie and half brother who are staying with us for the year. Mexico is not on my list of vacation locations to visit in any immediate future, but I am hoping it will still be in my lifetime. I am going to try my best to get my uncle’s plane reservations overbooked for a few weeks in February. We have never done this before and I don’t know what to do about getting him over to Boston or Connecticut where he lives. I can’t even talk to my brother, so I will have to resort to text messaging him about my vacation plans.

My travel plans for the next four years (in four segments) are for a cruise ship, a week of Hawaii and back, and then to Scotland, where my Uncle is staying for part of the year. In between my trips to Bermuda and Mexico, I will also visit Ecuador, Costa Rica, and the Bahamas. For the first two segments of my cruise, I will book a hotel and rent a car to travel around the Caribbean. This will allow me more flexibility in my travel, since I won’t have to worry about getting a rental car when I come back from my trip. It also means that I won’t have to deal with the airport fee for my plane tickets.

I decided to book my trip for the spring break of 2021 in late January. This was a long leap of faith, since it was only two months away, but I figured that if I didn’t book my trip then, it would be impossible to go on my trip. This is not how my travel planning process works, so I was very excited when my travel plan was approved in March. I had to make my mind up faster than I needed to, but once I made my decision, I was set to go for my trip.

One of the reasons I chose to go to Bermuda for my second trip is because of the Bermuda Golf Links course, which is located right on the water. I know that this location is not exactly a challenging golf course, but when I got the approval for my trip, I knew that I could really up my game. I am a regular golfer, so I took the Blue Business Plus membership points that the airlines offer and bought a round of golf at the Links. This is my best golf course location, so my morale was pretty high after I got approved for this trip.

Because my travel plans were changing each year, it was pretty easy to just switch my dates around a little. I had three separate months available before my annual trip, so I made the most of the open dates. I also booked my trip to Bermuda with a different airline. That way, I knew that I would have more flexibility in my travel plans for next year.

If you are in your twenties and you are currently working full time, you may be in a tough situation financially. You may even be wondering what you are going to do when the next time you take a vacation you are planning to cancel it. Well, one of the best things that you can do is start planning ahead, even in your twenty-first year of retirement. The nice thing about having Blue Business Plus membership points for travel is that I could use them for my next year travel plans! I will be glad that I did, because I get a percentage off of all of my flights when I use my points!

So my travel plans for next year included flying to Bermuda, and then taking a day trip up to Canada to see relatives. I also want to hit Las Vegas for my birthday and stay at the Bellagio. In case you are wondering what my birthday is, it is tomorrow. I am hoping to get into my late twenties before I have to retire, so I am looking forward to this trip. It will be an exciting time to be a retired man too, since I won’t be needing a lot of money to get from here to there! I also look forward to a great adventure in my next life!